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Posted on: September 13, 2018

Save the Pipes, Don't Flush Wipes!

Flushable wipes are clogging sewer pipes! Flushable wipes do not dissolve in the sewer system. Even if you just flush one, the wipes collect in pumps and valves, causing clogs. These clogs in sewer pipes can lead to dangerous sewage spills into our community and Puget Sound. Help us avoid sewer rate increases caused by unnecessary repairs and maintenance.

Keeping our community safe from sewage spills and keeping maintenance costs down are important. In 2017, the cost to the City to clean out clogs caused by flushable wipes was approximately $3050. The 2018 cost, to date, is approximately $5,450. If the 2018 trend continues, the cost could approach $8,000 or more this year. You can help by remembering this simple phrase: “No Wipes in the Pipes.” Put trash where it belongs—in the trash.

Photo of Grinder Pump Clog

Photo of Grinder Pump Clog

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