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Posted on: August 28, 2020

Removal of Invasive Vegetation on Perkins Way

The City has received a number of inquiries about the spraying of ivy and other invasive plants along Perkins Way. This work is the first part of a project to restore native vegetation between the road and McAleer Creek. The company conducting the work is Applied Ecology, LLC, which has been used by other cities, as well as Forterra with great success for similar, but larger, restoration projects along the Cedar River and Bear Creek, the largest salmon bearing streams in our watershed. Their work has been funded by the WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council, the entity leading salmon recovery in our area.

While it is unfortunate that herbicides have to be used at all, the careful, focused spraying of chemicals like glyphosate and garlon 4 is allowed by WA Dept. of Ecology to remove infestations of invasive plants so that native vegetation can be re-established. Phase 2 of the Perkins Way project, which will happen in the next growing season, will involve planting native trees and shrubs.