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Posted on: October 21, 2019

Winter Weather is on the Horizon, Prepare Now!

Tire Treads

As we move into the rainy season (and snow around the corner), leaves are starting to fall, the Public Works Department starts turning its attention to the City’s drainage system. It is time to check the storm drains to clear leaves and debris to keep storm-water flowing and prepare your winter car kits. Here are a couple items to keep in mind this rainy/snowy season:

•Do not create piles of leaves expecting the City sweeper to sweep them away or rake leaves and debris in the street, ditch-lines, or right of ways. Use your yard waste tote plus your allowable extra yard waste containers (3 paper or biodegradable yard waste bags, up to 192 gallons per week) placed curbside for pick up each week.

•Never try to clear a storm drain or culvert if there is moving water greater than knee deep, and always be wary of traffic when working near a roadway.

•When preparing your car for winter, make sure there is a first aid kit, a tire wrench, a car battery charger, phone charger, Ice scraper, warm clothes or a blanket, flares, a flashlight, water and snacks.

•If you need to drive in snow this winter, make sure your tires are suitable, view the attached picture for more information.

If flooding is severe, or you find evidence of dumping, please call 206-368-5440. For more information on emergency preparedness, Click Here.

Are Your Tires Suitable for Snow?
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