Jury Duty Information

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Jury duty is a civic obligation and an honor.  Your local judge and court staff would like to extend their sincere gratitude for service on jury duty.  Through your service, you are ensuring the right to trial by jury is guaranteed for everyone.

The court would also like to thank the many civic-minded private companies, government agencies, small businesses, school districts and all those who encourage and support their employees called to jury service.

Lake Forest Park Municipal Court calls jurors to service according to zip code.  It is not necessary for you to reside in the jurisdiction for which you are being summoned, you need only reside in the 98155 zip code area.

The Court has approximately 3-4 jury trials each year.  Most trials last 2-3 days.  Some cases may last longer.  If a case is settled or rescheduled just before the trial begins, jurors will not be required to appear.  Jurors are compensated $10 for each day they are required to appear.

The summons for jury duty instructs the juror to check the court website or contact the court by phone or LiveChat, after 12:00pm the Thursday before they are required to appear for service to confirm if they are needed.  Please complete and return the Juror Qualification and Information Form within seven days of receipt.

If a trial is proceeding, jurors without video or Zoom capability will be required to report to City Hall in person for further instruction and orientation.  Those with Zoom capability will be required to login on the designated date and time for further instruction and orientation.

Thank you for your service!