Operations Division

Patrol Operations

The Operations Division provides professional police services to the citizens of Lake Forest Park 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Division consists of three squads in the Patrol Section, the K9 Unit, the Traffic Unit, Crime Watch, and Block Watch. Other functions include: Narcotics enforcement, Training, SWAT, and Gang/Graffiti investigations. Captain Paul Armbrust oversees the Operations Division and can be reached at parmbrust@ci.lake-forest-park.wa.us or 206-364-8216.

In 2016 we hit the ground running. The men and women of this department set some lofty goals within our operations plan when it came to reducing property crime within the city. We incorporated a number of strategies we felt would help us reach those goals. Through ever vigilant attention to detail and sheer determination I’m happy to report we exceeded our expectations. This couldn’t have happened without the support and involvement of you, our citizens.

We continued to vigorously recruit quality officers to fill vacancies for the funded positions. By the end of 2016 we were fully staffed and this allowed us to move our dedicated traffic and K-9 officers out of general patrol duties and back to focusing on their specialties. Our new officers are excited to be here and working for this great city and have brought with them an infusion of youthful exuberance.

We began rolling out our Strategic Traffic Safety Plan in 2016. This plan is multifaceted and will complement our cities Safe Streets and Safe Highways programs slated for 2017 and beyond. We continue to play an active role in the Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s Target Zero Program. With the grant funding secured by our city, officers conducted extra enforcement patrols enforcing DUI, seatbelt, and cellphone distracted driver laws. Unfortunately, cellphone use while driving along with other forms of driver distractions continue to be a major contributor to collisions within the city, county, and state. Grant Funding for 2017 has already been secured and we will continue to partner with the WTSC in an effort to reduce collision related loss in our community.

Connecting and communicating with our citizens continues to be paramount in our success. Fostering and building relationships and trust within the community is directly related to the reduction in property crimes outlined later in this report. I am continually impressed and proud of our officers’ commitment to the citizens of Lake Forest Park. Our partnership with the community is a vital component in making Lake Forest Park a great place to work, live, visit, and raise a family.