Youth Court

The Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Youth Court (SLFPYC) is a diversion program that directly involves the youth in the adjudication, disposition or resolution of traffic offenses, in a structured process that resembles traditional court proceedings. These courts are known in different locations as youth courts, teen courts, peer courts or student courts.

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SLFPYC was founded in 2001 and operates under the supervision of the Shoreline District Court and the Lake Forest Park Municipal Court. Eligible high school students who are 16 or 17 years old, charged with a traffic infraction, can participate in the program by completing the Youth Court Contract and paying a $30 transfer fee. 

At a typical Youth Court hearing, defendants present their story before a judge and a peer jury.  The judge and jury question the defendant before deliberating on a constructive sentence, which may include community service, writing an essay letter, interviewing a police officer or attending traffic school.  Successful completion of the six month deferral period will result in dismissal of the infraction.

For more information, contact Shorecrest High School at 206-361-4286 or the Lake Forest Park Municipal Court at 206-364-7711.