Low Income Senior Citizen Discount

The City of Lake Forest Park offers a Low-Income Senior Citizens Discount Program for its sanitary sewer ratepayers who reside within the City’s sanitary sewer service area. The discount is equal to a 50% reduction in the rate payer’s bi-monthly residential sewer bill. The program started in 2003. The complete details of the program are contained in Resolution No. 763. Below are the eligibility requirements for the program. You must meet all three.

        *  62 years of age or older

        *  Own and reside at the service address for at least one year prior to the date of application

        *  Meet gross household income criteria:

                     - One person - $37,450 / year or less

                     - Two people - $42,800 / year or less

How do I sign up?

An application is available online, at City Hall, or call 206-368-5440 and we will be happy to send you one. Complete the application and return it to us. We will process your application and verify that you meet all the requirements. If you qualify, your next sewer bill will be at the discounted rate.

Application for Low Income Senior Discount Program

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