Domestic Violence Advocate

If you are afraid of your partner, child, former or current boyfriend or girlfriend, our court can help.

The court can issue what is called an "Order for Protection." This order can help to keep you safe by prohibiting an abuser from contacting you in any way or coming near you. It can restrain the abuser from coming to your home, workplace or school, order the abuser to move out of your shared house, order the abuser to participate in counseling and award temporary custody of minor children.

If you are being harassed, threatened or assaulted, call 911. If you want to talk with someone, please call Jenny Grogan, Domestic Violence Advocate, 206-417-8267.

For information about domestic violence protection and no–contact orders, please read or download this booklet:

Information on Protective Court Orders

To reach Jenny Grogan, the Domestic Violence Advocate for the City of Lake Forest Park, visit City Hall at 17425 Ballinger Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA, 98155. Phone 206-417-8267.