City Limits Sign
In 1961, citizens banded together and incorporated. The Town of Lake Forest Park was born. Incorporation gave residents a voice in how to accommodate themselves within the ever-expanding metropolitan ring. Since incorporation, the city has annexed the additions that were added to the original development in the earlier part of the twentieth century. Modern-day boundaries of the city serpentine along the hills and ridges, just as they did when it was first planned. The city is now home to almost 13,000 people.

Elected Officials
Town Fathers
The first City Council met on June 22, 1961. The undated photo lists as "Town Fathers", (standing) Councilmembers Herbert Metke, Robert Middleton, Dr. Cecil Feasel and James Hunt, (seated) Treasurer D.R. Whiting, Mayor Francis Holman, Councilmember E.E. Raymond. View the City Election Timeline to see a list of city elected officials, when they served and for how long.

Town/City Hall
First City Hall
Groundbreaking for the first Town Hall, located at the west end of the Town Center parking lot, took place on August 1, 1963. The Police Department shared the space with city officials.

After several annexations took place in the mid-1990s, staff outgrew the original City Hall and moved to an Interim City Hall, housed in an old school located in the Horizon View neighborhood. The space was larger, but the new location was difficult to get to and was only a temporary solution.

In 2000, the City purchased a site in the north east corner of the Town Center for a new City Hall. The site, formerly a restaurant, was located in the center of Lake Forest Park's business district, easily accessible by public transportation.