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COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) Information for the Building and Planning Departments

Updated February 2, 2021

In accordance with the Governor’s Proclamation and King County Health guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the Planning & Building Counter at City Hall is currently closed to the public and City staff are working limited hours in the office and mostly from home. We are encouraging people to take advantage of our remote services. If you can conduct your business with the permit center by email, phone, or online, we encourage you to please do so. If you are unsure, call 206-368-5440 so we can determine if we can help you remotely. 

Here are some specific guidelines that may apply for the type of permit you are seeking:

Building Permits
Building permit applications are being accepted via email appointment at this time. Please email the Building Official to schedule an appointment. For permit questions concerning submittal of building plans, call the Building Official at 206-957-2815.   

Building Inspections
The Building Department will only be conducting inspections in unoccupied homes for mechanical, plumbing, building, and sewer permits. Single-family plumbing and mechanical inspections within occupied residences can be virtual (such as Zoom or FaceTime). If you would like to send pictures for a mechanical or plumbing inspection, you can email the Building Official. Please include the permit #, address, and type of inspection in your email. Please note there will be no inspections on national holidays. If there is a concern during this time, don’t hesitate to give the Building Official a call at 206-957-2815.   

Mechanical and Plumbing Permits
Apply for and pay for mechanical and plumbing permits online through the Permit Portal (click on green icon on the right-hand side of this page). If the Permit Portal is not accepting your application, try leaving the license information blank. If it still does not accept your application, email your applications (make sure to fill out both pages of the application) to either the Permit Coordinator or the Building Official.

Sewer and Roof Permits
Applications for sewer and roof permits that would typically be ‘over-the-counter’ transactions can be emailed to either the Permit Coordinator or the Building Official.

Tree Permits
Although City Hall is currently closed to the public, we are still processing and issuing tree removal permits that are allowed under LFPMC 16.14.

Tree removal permit applications can be sent via email to either the Assistant Planner or the City Arborist and payments can be made by check. Checks should be made out to “City of Lake Forest Park” in the amount of $76.13 (application fee) and can either be mailed to or dropped off at City Hall in a letter-sized envelope in the silver drop box (located on the side of the building next to the King County elections box). Once we receive the application and payment, we will contact you to discuss next steps. All non-emergency tree removal applications require a notice period per LFPMC Chapter 16.14.040. 

If there is an emergency tree removal that is allowed by LFPMC Chapter 16.14, contact the Assistant Planner or the City Arborist as soon as possible. 

Requests for tree code enforcement investigations will be handled on a case by case basis. Contact the Assistant Planner or the City Arborist if you want to request a code enforcement action.

Land Use Applications/Revisions
We will continue to process land use related applications (short plats, reasonable economic use, and critical area permits) that are in process. Applicants are encouraged to use electronic mediums to transmit information. Email the Assistant Planner if you are preparing to submit a land use permit application.

Code Enforcement
Requests for code enforcement investigations will be handled on a case by case basis. Contact the Building Official at 206-957-2815 or email the Assistant Planner if you want to request a code enforcement action.

Help Topics & Permit Applications

Head to our Help Topics page to view and print handouts on some frequently asked planning and building questions.  If you are ready to begin the application process, permit application forms can be found here

Permit Counter Hours

The Planning & Building Permit Counter is currently closed to the public (see COVID-19 information above).  

Permit Portal

A new service offered by the City of Lake Forest Park is a public permit portal. Homeowners and contractors can now submit an application for a residential plumbing or mechanical permits online.  The permit portal also offers the public a way to search for any open permit within the City of Lake Forest Park. To get started applying for a permit or to learn how to see current permits in your area click on the green Permit Portal icon. For more information on how to apply online visit our FAQ page.


Inspections are currently happening on a limited basis (see COVID-19 information above).