Planning Commission

About the Planning Commission

The Lake Forest Park Planning Commission provides recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for changes and updates to the Comprehensive Plan, zoning code, and land use policies. As citizen representatives, commissioners recommend programs and policies according to the needs and values of the community. The Planning Commission is required by law, and is governed by state statute and city ordinance.

Meeting Dates

At this time, all meetings are held virtually.

Citizens may comment at Planning Commission meetings during the designated public comment periods during each meeting by using the hand raise function in Zoom when the Chair asks for comments from the public.

All meetings are open to the public.                    

  • Regular Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month at 7pm
  • City Hall, 17425 Ballinger Way NE (typically in the Forest Room, but room may vary)
Planning Commissioners looking at Town Center Plans

Agendas and Materials

Please note that all meeting materials from March 2019- February 2021 can be found on Town Center Process page.  Other Commission meeting material are available at YourLFP’s Town Center Code Update Reference’s Dropbox page.

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Current Commissioners


  • Maddy Larson


  • Melissa Cranmer
  • T.J. Fudge 
  • Ira Gross
  • Rachael Katz (Vice Chair)
  • David Kleweno
  • Lois Lee
  • Steve Morris
  • Richard Saunders

Links to Projects 

Work Plans

Annual Reports

Meeting Recordings

City Council Liaison:

  • Tom French 

City Staff: 

  • Stephen Bennett, Planning Director
  • Nick Holland, Senior Planner

How to Join

Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. Members of the Planning Commission serve for three years. If you are interested in serving on the commission, please contact the Mayor at City Hall, 206-368-5440. For more information about the Planning Commission, contact Stephen Bennett, Planning Director at 206-957-2812.