Lake Forest Park Tree Board

Tree Board Meetings

Tree Board meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7 p.m. in Lake Forest Park City Hall. Meetings typically take place in the Forest Room, though the location may vary.

At this time, Tree Board meetings are held virtually.

Click here for information about providing Citizen Comments during virtual Tree Board meetings.

Participate in the "Ivy Out" contest this summer!

Bored in the house? Looking for a new gardening project? Let’s see how much English Ivy Lake Forest Park residents can remove this summer!

English ivy is an invasive plant that threatens the health of our urban forest ecosystems. You can help our ecosystems thrive and win a monthly plant prize by helping remove invasive English Ivy from your property. The Ivy Out contest, brought to you by the Lake Forest Park Tree Board, will last throughout the summer months (June through September). To participate, submit pictures of your ivy removal to Assistant Planner Lauren Hoerr before the end of each month and the Tree Board will pick winners at their monthly meetings. The Tree Board looks forward to receiving your submissions!

Wondering how to remove ivy safely? The King County Noxious Weed Board has tips on how to identify ivy (page 2) and recommend manual removal practices (page 3). You can also click here to learn about long-term maintenance ideas and why ivy removal is important for our urban ecosystems.

Please note that removal of invasive plants is considered to be exempt from permitting requirements unless the invasive plants are located within a steep slope hazard area or its buffer. If you are unsure if your proposed removal area is located within a steep slope hazard area or have other questions, please contact Assistant Planner Lauren Hoerr for more information.

What does the Tree Board Do?

The Tree Board has three primary responsibilities:

  • Provide outreach and education to the community on tree-related issues
  • Organize and facilitate the city’s tree planting events and other public events involving trees
  • Provide advice to City Council on policy and regulatory issues involving trees

To learn more about the tree permit process, please click here.
To learn more about tree planting and tree care, please click here.



  • David Kleweno (Chair)
  • Timothy Hohn (Vice-Chair)
  • Julia Bent
  • Richard Olmstead
  • Gordon Smith

City Staff

  • Lauren Hoerr, Assistant Planner
  • Ashley Adams, City Arborist