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2015 Citizens Academy
2015 Citizens Academy Logo
City Clerk's Office
Evelyn Jahed
City Clerk

JoAnne Trudel
Deputy City Clerk

17425 Ballinger Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA  98155

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The first Lake Forest Park Citizens Academy begins on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. The concept of this free, five-session interactive program is to give participants an insider’s firsthand look at how to plug into governance processes, how much services and programs cost, how they are funded, and what the key needs or service gaps are in the eyes of the City and participants.

Due to popular demand, registration for this year's academy is now closed. For those who are not able to attend, information and materials from the presentations will be posted following conclusion of the Academy.

Each class is anticipated to run approximately two hours, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Here is what you can expect each night:

TUESDAY, September 22

  • Brief History of Lake Forest Park
  • Local Government 101
  • Separation of Powers
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive (Mayor) and Legislative (Council) branches
  • Brief Description of the Citizen Advisory Commission System

Monday, September 28

  • Learn how the Lake Forest Park Municipal Court carries out its independent role as the third branch of government

Tuesday, October 13

  • See how Municipal Services provides the ministerial services, keeps the official record of Council proceedings, and other required record-keeping functions for the City
  • Learn what Human Services the City provides Lake Forest Park residents
  • Become familiar with the Police Department
    • Review the 2015 Operational Plan
    • Learn how our citizens and our growing transparent communications program has helped the police put criminals behind bars
    • Learn some basic concepts about policing and use of force that might provide perspective about American policing today

Tuesday, October 27

  • Visit the street, surface water, sewer and park systems
  • Learn about funding, planning, and the difficulty of operating services within the natural features and topography of Lake Forest Park
  • A quick look at the field services delivered, under contract, to the City of Kenmore

Tuesday, November 17

  • Finance 101
    • Learn where city revenue comes from
    • Where taxes and fees go to provide services and programs
    • How budget decisions are made, especially during a stringent financial climate
    • Learn how building, land use, and environmental permitting processes work by looking at some case studies that might be similar to something you are thinking of doing on your property
    • Examine long-range planning functions
      • Explore the choices a city makes regarding land use and economic development and how they affect both city finances and service demand.

2015 Citizens Academy

We hope this will be a fun civic lesson!