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Emergency Safety Volunteers


John Clark recently returned from a long hot week in Eastern Washington working as a bulk distribution supervisor with the Red Cross.  His team was responsible for getting supplies from Chelan all the way to Tonasket and beyond to help feed and care for displaced families and the fire fighters.  During many of the trips, the air was smoky and at one point the fire was only three miles away.  He didn’t get much rest but the personal reward for helping bring food and emergency supplies to those in need made up for the long hours and lack of sleep.   He has been a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer with The Emergency Services Coordinating Agency for over ten years and lives here in our community.  

If you have a passion for community safety, volunteering for the North Shore CERT, Ham Radio Volunteer program and/or Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) is for you!  The City of Kenmore and Lake Forest Park, North Shore Fire and North Shore Public Utilities are rebuilding the CERT program and started the Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo) in our communities and need community volunteers now.   As an emergency safety volunteer, you will assist at a variety of community events and during and after natural or man-made disasters. Activities may include: damage assessment, minor fire suppression, sandbag operations, urban search and rescue, disaster first aid, emergency communication if licensed, pet sheltering, points of supply distribution and as a resource to your neighbors. Training is offered by certified trainers who use FEMA approved curriculum.  You could be working side by side with emergency responders at the Emergency Operations Center or in your neighborhood helping people in stress that first responders are unable to get to.  

The Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo) will be sponsoring several events this fall The emergency volunteer program in North Shore is the perfect home for these dedicated volunteers and any new volunteers who would like to give back to their community in such a vital way.  

Upcoming events of interest: 

Are you interested?  Send an email to Carl Lunak at