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Tree Planting Program
What is the Lake Forest Park Tree Planting Program?
In an ongoing effort to increase Lake Forest Park's tree canopy cover, the City's annual Tree Planting Project, coordinated by volunteers on the Lake Forest Park Tree Board, will plant a limited number of trees on City right-of-way locations at no cost to property owners.

Various species of trees (those planted in 2013 include maple, dogwood, redbud, sourwood, and japanese snowbell) will be purchased by the City and planted by volunteers. Each tree will be approximately 6 to 8 feet tall at the time of planting and will be situated in a manner that will not obstruct sight lines from driveaywas or infringe on views. In order to ensure that the trees will not interfere with utilities, species will be chosen that will reach a maximum height of approximately 20 to 25 feet.

Homeowners can participate in the Tree Planting Project by giving permission for a tree to be planted on the right-of-way in front of their property and by agreeing to help with the ongoing watering of the tree by monitoring and filling the tree's water bag until the tree is established (approximately 3 years).

Take our survey to let us know that you are interested in participating in this program and having a tree planted.

Why this program?
Trees vastly improve air quality; the trees of Lake Forest Park remove approximately 35 tons of air pollution each year and store an estimated 50,700 tons of carbon. In addition to enhancing the environment, trees beautify the City and add value to properties.

Planting will take place in November and will be completed by volunteers who are overseen by the City's arborist. Areas of the City with poor tree canopy cover that will benefit the most will be prioritized. The trees will be planted in established planting strips between sidewalks and the street.

How to Participate
  1. To request that a tree be planted on the City right-of-way near your property, fill out this survey with the requested information.
  2. Once you request a tree, the City arborist will contact you to evaluate your site for planting. Suitable sites will be those that are appropriately located on the right-of-way, area in areas with lower tree canopy cover, and have appropriate soil.
  3. If your location is selected, you will be asked to choose your preferred tree from a list of species that will do well in your location. Although every effort will be made to accommodate each participant's choice of tree, this cannot be guaranteed. But we do guarantee a species that will be suitable for the local climate, disease and pest resistant, and of course, beautiful.
  4. In November, the City arborist and a team of volunteers will plant your tree. Volunteers will also provide additional tree care instructions for each resident