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Transportation Benefit District (TBD)
On October 23, 2008, the City Council adopted Ordinance 983, establishing a Transportation Benefit District (TBD).  (LFP Municipal Code 12.35.)  The TBD was created to provide adequate funding for ongoing transportation improvements that preserve, maintain and, as appropriate, construct or reconstruct the existing transportation infrastructure of the City of Lake Forest Park consistent with Chapter 36.73 RCW.

Meetings and Annual Reports
The Transportation Benefit District Board holds meetings on an as-needed basis.

Board Members
The Transportation Benefit District governing board is comprised of the Lake Forest Park City Council, acting in an ex officio and independent capacity.  The current board chair is City Councilmember John Wright.

Vehicle License Fee
On November 20, 2008, the Transportation Benefit District Board adopted Ordinance 1, authorizing a $20 annual vehicle license fee.