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Youth Court
If you are a student in high school, were 16 or 17 years old at the time of the violation, have recently been charged with a traffic infraction and are looking for an opportunity to keep your driving record clean, then the Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Youth Court may be your best option. 

At the Youth Court you will appear before a judge and jury of your peers to explain the circumstances of your infraction.  The teen judge and jury will then decide on an equitable consequence which may include but is not restricted to:
  • Community service
  • Writing a letter of apology or an essay
  • Attending traffic school
  • Attending a drug or alcohol information program
  • Attending a DUI victim's panel

Negligent Driving offenses will not be referred to Youth Court.  You may not contest the infraction.  A Youth Court diversion is for a period of 6 months and there is a $30 transfer fee.  For more information contact Shorecrest Hight School at 206-361-4286.