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Lake Forest Park Connection Fees
The connection fees for the Lake Forest Park sanitary sewer system are outlined below. Fees do not include the cost of installation of the side sewer system which is the responsibility of the property owner. Fees are subject to annual increases according to council resolution.

 Service  Amount
 Side Sewer Connection Charge (2015)  $5,034
 Side Sewer Permit Fee
 Technology Fee (5% Development Review Technology Surcharge per Resolution 1445)

King County Sewage Capacity Charge
All homeowners and building owners in King County's service area whose home or building connected to the sewer system on or after February 1, 1990 must pay a sewage capacity charge to King County.  The capacity charge distributes the costs for expanding sewer treatment facilities and pump stations to customers with the newest sewer connections.  In other words, the capacity charge helps make sure that "growth pays for growth."  

More information about King County Sewage Capacity Charges