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Emergency Response

FloodingIn Lake Forest Park, winter can bring heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice. The City starts preparing for winter weather in the summer by training staff, preparing equipment and working with local agency partners. The Public Works Department provides a wide variety of services to the citizens of Lake Forest Park and to the City of Kenmore, including 24/7 emergency response.  

In Case of Inclement Weather
The Public Works Department monitors incoming weather and if it appears that there will be severe inclement weather, the crews are placed on stand-by. In severe weather the crews work 12 hour shifts to insure there is round-the-clock coverage. The response of the crews depends on the type and severity of the weather.
When high winds or heavy rain are forecast, our crews are ready to remove the fallen trees from the road. If wires are on the ground, the proper agencies will be contacted.  During a snow event crews will continue to work around the clock as long as snow and ice conditions exist.

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