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Flood Reduction Program
Fire Station Drive Flooded
Aaron Halverson
Environmental Programs Manager

17425 Ballinger Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA  98155

Phone: 206-957-2836

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
The City's flood reduction program includes three main elements:
  1. Maintenance: The City's aggressive stormwater system maintenance program includes "hot spot" inspections of critical facilities during storm events and routine inspection/cleaning of the stormwater system (catchbasins, pipes, outfalls). Flood reduction and stormwater detention facilities are also annually inspected and maintained as needed. 
  2. Flood Reduction Projects: Following the 2007 flood event that caused over $4 million in private and public property damage the City initiated a flood reduction planning study. This included an extensive modeling project of the Lyon Creek and McAleer Creek watersheds and consideration of flood reduction alternatives ranging from low impact development to high-flow bypasses. The 2009 Flood Reduction Planning Study project resulted in planning level design for short, medium and long-term flood reduction projects. The City has completed one of the short term projects and is identifying funding sources for the other projects.
  3. Development/Redevelopment: It is imperative that the City reduce the flashy nature of the flooding experienced on Lyon Creek and McAleer Creek. This is a long-term goal of the City and can be accomplished through inter-jurisdictional collaboration (Lake Ballinger/McAleer Creek Forum) and strict drainage requirements for development and redevelopment.