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Vehicle Care Done Right
Car Washing Picture
Cory Roche
Community Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 206-957-2814

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Car Washing
Washing your car in the driveway may be the most harmful household chore you perform because it releases chemicals that have accumulated from driving. These chemicals include:
  • asbestos
  • heavy metals
  • oil
  • copper
  • sediment

In addition, the soaps used contain phosphates and other chemicals that can harm fish and other organisms. Next time you need to wash your car consider the following alternatives:

1.) Visit a commercial car wash. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative because the water at a car wash is typically used more than once and is discharged into the sanitary sewer system for treatment.

    2.) If you cannot visit a commercial car wash, wash your car on your lawn or any vegetated surface because chemicals and soap will infiltrate into the soil rather than flowing directly into streams.

    Oil and Water Don't Mix
    Vehicle Leaks & Maintenance 101
    Leaking vehicles are a serious problem in urban areas. Fluids that leak from vehicles include oil and anti-freeze (heavy metals) which enter our streams and Lake Washington without treatment.

    To reduce your environmental impact you can fix leaking vehicles, drive less, and regularly maintain your vehicles. Don't forget to recycle your used motor oil and other fluids.

    For more maintenance information and eco-care vehicle tips, visit: