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Sandbag Depots
The City of Lake Forest Park has sandbag depots at strategic locations throughout the city for the use by residents in the event there is a flood. The sandbags are for emergencies only, please do not take them unless a flood is imminent and your property is in danger.

Do not rely on the sandbags provided by the city as your only flood mitigation strategy. The emergency sandbags will be available October - May each year, but you should also purchase or build your own stock of sandbags if your property is in an area that floods.

Sandbag Usage and Notification

Please notify the City of Lake Forest Park if you are interested in using the emergency sandbags. In your notification please provide your name, address, contact phone number, the location that the sandbags were taken from, and the number of sandbags taken. Notify City Hall by phone at 206-368-5440 or email.

Find Sandbag Depots (map)

How to Build Sandbags (pdf)