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Snow Removal
Planning for a winter storm event can be difficult. Each storm event is unique. The Public Works crews of the City of Lake Forest Park are charged with maintaining 112 lane miles of streets during inclement weather. It is our goal to provide a reasonably safe driving condition.

The City of Lake Forest Park provides Public Works services under a contract with the City of Kenmore. The two cities share seven trucks for treating snow and ice conditions. Four trucks have sanders/spreaders and plows, two trucks have de-icers and plows, and one truck has a plow. During a snow and ice event, maintenance crews will switch to two 12-hour shifts to ensure 24-hour coverage.

Snow and ice crews will focus on primary routes first, including arterials, bus routes, and designated emergency routes. Once the primary routes are able to be left in a safe condition, attention will turn to secondary and then to residential streets. Crews will continue to work around the clock as long as snow and ice conditions exist.

To assist citizens in hilly areas the City has established several sand piles. Citizens may apply the sand to streets where traction is an issue and the City has not had an opportunity to apply deicer or plow.

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