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How Residents Can Help
Aaron Halverson
Environmental Programs Manager

Cory Roche
Community Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 206-957-2836
Phone: 206-957-2814

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Our Actions at Home
There are many ways in which residents can help at home to preserve the natural environment. Most of Lake Forest Park's pollution comes from:
  • Failing septic systems
  • Leaking vehicles
  • Improper fertilizer application on lawns and gardens
  • Car washing
  • Improper disposal of animal waste
  • Inappropriate disposal of chemicals and hazardous waste
  • Construction runoff

Why Our Actions Make a Difference
Lake Forest Park offers an abundance of natural beauty and each day residents work hard to preserve it. In our busy, everyday lives, it is sometimes easy to forget that our individual actions at home make an impact on the community at large.

Every time you make the right choice to reduce chemicals at home or to visit a commercial car wash, your actions make a difference and ultimately positively influence your community.