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Southern Gateway Study and Sub-Area Plan
The Southern Gateway Study and Subarea Plan will focus on the area three blocks east and west of Bothell Way (SR 522), from NE 145th Street to NE 155th Street.


To enhance housing options, employment, and the general economic potential in this neighborhood. The Southern Gateway Area subarea plan encourages land redevelopment that is more walkable and provides a wider array of services and housing options.

Public Process History MAILINGS
Public Process History MEDIA

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Final EIS

Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Title Page and Fact Sheet 

Section 1: Introduction and Summary 

Section 2: Description of Alternatives   

Section 3: Affected Environments   

Section 4: Analysis and Mitigation   

DEIS Appendixes
  • Appendix A, Bibliography  
  • Appendix B, Distribution List 
  • Appendix C, Missing Sidewalk and Barrier Photos  
  • Appendix D, Traffic Analysis
  • Appendix E, Scoping Public Comments 

    DEIS Public Hearing Responses     

  • Written Public Response 1                           

    Written Public Response 2


    Final Adopted Documents

    Ordinance 1056 signed

    Ordinance 1057 signed

    SG adopted Design Guidelines- Residential

    SG adopted Design Guidelines- Corridor/Transition

    Recent Draft Documents

    Southern Gateway Plan   

    SG Ordinance 1057 Southern Gateway (Zoning)

    SG Corridor & Transition Design Guidelines   

    SG Single-Family Design Guidelines  

    Southern Gateway Plan Appendixes
  • Appendix A, Economic Analysis  
  • Appendix B, Feasibility
  • Appendix C, Citizen Input 
  • Appendix D, Preferred Alternative  

    Planning Commission Review 
    Planning Commission Resolution


    Visual Aides 

    Zoning Comparison: Corridor & Transition 

    Zoning Comparison: Single Family

    Existing Sewer and Drainage Plans for the former Elks area:
    NE 145th Street Drainage 
    NE 145th Street Sewer 
    14520 Bothell Way NE Sewer Information